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50 PhD thesis offers in 2010, INRIA, France

Do you want to prepare a doctoral thesis and carry out valuable research in the field of information and communication science and technology or in a related field? In 2010, INRIA is offering young scientists the chance to join one of its research teams. Priority will be given to candidates with experience of mobility and in subjects within the scope of the institute’s priority subject areas.

- Applied mathematics, computation and simulation
- Algorithmics, programming, software and architecture
- Networks, systems and services, distributed computing
- Perception, cognition, interaction
- Computational Sciences for Biology, Medicine and the Environment

Application conditions
* You must have a Master’s in computer science, control or scientific calculation, or an equivalent diploma;
* All nationalities may apply
* You must submit an application for each subject proposed by the host research centre.

Consult the thesis offers and apply online

From 15 February to 4 May 2010

- First and second year doctoral students: 1947,80 € gross/month
- Third year doctoral students: 2048,60 € gross/month
(calculated without teaching duties or specific activities)

Campaign: http://www.inria.fr/travailler/opportunites/doc.en.html
Topics: http://www.inria.fr/travailler/mrted/en/doc/list.html?LOV2=All&LOV6=A...

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