Jumat, 26 Maret 2010

UG Coal Mining Engineers for potential career opportunity!

Dear fellow members of IA-ITB   I would like to thank the moderator for allowing me to become a guest here and pass my message with regards to a potential career opportunity.   My name is Anggi, and I work for an executive search firm in Indonesia called Bo Le Associates (www.bo-le.com).  As one of my roles, I am in the process of developing our Mining, Oil and Gas database for in which I can contact and share with you regarding any future career opportunities that perhaps suit your field and expertise.  So feel free to pass your CV profile to us where we will also contact you and get to know you more.   At the moment, I have a current potential career opportunity for the position of Underground Coal Mining Engineer (8-10yrs experience) and I was wondering if you or your friends would know anyone who is open to explore more of this opportunity?   I would be happy to share more of this information directly to you and would be happy to pass my email for those of you who are interested in the opportunity, in which you can reach me at anggi.siregar@bo-le.com   Just a reminder, I'm here for a limited time only so pass this message to those you know who might be interested of this opportunity and include your CV profile in our database.   Again, thank you all for your time and hope to hear from you soon.   Regards   Anggi Siregar   __._,_.___

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